Design the Next


We design a new shape of ‘the Next’ by developing blockchain technology, improving trust and transparency in the cryptocurrency market, and contributing to their real-world operations.
Historically, in midst of transition and enormous growth in technology, relative lack of rules and regulatory framework have left market participants grappling with a number of complexities. Today’s cryptocurrency market is right in the middle of transition and is very volatile: its valuation is currently not based on any fundamentals, rather, is purely speculative and hyped by headlines. As a result, only a little attention is paid to the innovative technology behind cryptocurrency—blockchain. AltDesign was established to contribute to further development in application of blockchain, and to standardize the market.

About Us

AltDesign Co., Ltd.


    • Research Division

      Research Division

      Members with experiences in research, trading, and securities investment at major financial institutions analyze the cryptocurrency market and gather global information to keep up with latest trends around the world.


    • Consulting Division

      Consulting Division

      We provide consultation and advisory services regarding ICO crowdsales. We support the realization of your project through a series of ICO process (e.g. token economy design, token development, marketing, etc.) and attend to any crypto- or blockchain-related inquiries as well. Please feel free to contact us.





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