A Financial Service that Enriches Peoples’ Lives

In recent years, with the development in blockchain technology, the new way of fund-raising, ICO, has been attracting a massive attention from all over the world. We believe this technological innovation will create better financial services for a greater number of people and enrich our lives by revitalizing industries through bringing ideas that had previously been out of reach of the existing financial mechanism to life.

With that in mind, AltDesign provide blockchain installation, to anything pertaining to cryptocurrency, to realize client’s idea one by one.


    • 財務戦略コンサルティング

    • アドバイザリー

Consulting Services

    • ・Business development
    • ・Preparing materials (whitepaper) and website
    • ・Legal and taxation support for issuing entity
    • ・Token development and crowdsale system
    • ・KYC
    • ・Marketing
    • ・Public listing
    • ・Dapps development

and more


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